Knitting Projects

 This page will show case my knitting projects both from patterns and those I created from scratch or via an adaptation of one or more patterns.



This is the first toy I have ever made. I made him for my friends who are expecting their first child. As they are horror movie fans I wanted to buy them a monkey with cymbals for the nursery. However I could not find one I liked so I made them this monkey. It is difficult to see in this picture, but he has finger cymbals on his hands. I have also made him a waistcoat which is not pictured here. 



This angler fish was made for my sister Sam. It was supposed to be a birthday present. However as she has been rather depressed recently and I finished it early I decided to send it to her to cheer her up. A strange gift for my sister you might think, but I saw the pattern and automatically thought of her. 





Anenome the mermaid. This toy is my first attempt at a mythological creature made by improvisation. I like her but unfortunately I do not have room to keep my creations indefinetely. Therefore I am putting her up for sale. She will be found in the online shop. SHe is approx 17" from head to tail.




Teeth and Gums. This project was done as part of the Glasgow Science Festival. The Yarn Cake  knitting group, which I have since joined were creating a knitted body for a primary school to put together as part of their anatomy project.



Water Lilly Fairy. This fairy was started at the Glasgow Pagans Moot a while ago and then improvised to create this decoration. It can be found in the online shop.






This is a goddess doll made for a frirend of mine for her birthday. It was my first attempt at a goddess doll and I was quite proud of it so I will be making a series of them for sale.



I made this goddess doll while away at the Scottish Pagan Federation Camp up in Elgin. I had intended to finish it on the friday night. However I didn't finish it until the saturday morning as on the friday night my partner proposed to me. It can be found in the online store





This baby hat was made for a friends baby shower. It is a pattern I found online based on the brain slugs from the series Futurama. 

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